Seahawks QB Boykin Arrested for Pot in Texas Car Crash
Seattle Seahawks backup QB Trevone Boykin was arrested for possession of marijuana after being a passenger in a car that crashed into a bar and ran down pedestrians. Early Monday morning in Dallas, Shabrika Bailey lost control of her car and slammed into pedestrians on a sidewalk and then crash…
More From The No Fun League
Football in America is King.
But for whatever reason, even little slides in ratings, attendance and merchandise sales sets off yuuuuuge alarm bells in the hallowed halls of the National Football League.
It must be the players and the excessive celebration...
Tri-City Americans Release Playoff Schedule vs. Seattle
Driving over the Cascades is a FAR better prospect for the opening round of the 2016-17 WHL Playoffs than taking a leisurely 15-hour bus ride to Prince George in Canada. Thanks to their thrilling overtime comeback victory over Everett Sunday night, the Americans did just that.
The Psychology Of Bracketology
The NCAA field is set for the College Basketball National Championship and your bracket awaits.
I used to pore over the picks tirelessly. Now, I've even entertained hitting auto-fill than really scope the details of it all, but I'm deathly afraid the auto-fill would beat my bones badly over…

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