Summer Fun

Faith Martin at Beaver Bark- ‘Making Planter Pots’ [VIDEO]
I stopped into Beaver Bark in Richland today to get a few ideas and tips to share on making Planter Pots for your home garden or porch.
Arden, was amazingly helpful! And she made an amazing Pot filled with gorgeous plants and flowers as you will see in this video! The Planter will now be auctioned of…
Best Ghost Towns Near the Mid Columbia
I would love to take my kids to a ghost town this summer and do a shootout with some fake guns. We'll probably go to Garnet, Montana. It's a great, touristy ghost down about 4 hours from Coeur d'Alene -- exactly what I'm looking for. Here's a long list of other ghost towns w…
Best Sandals for Summer
This is the time of year where the weather is warming up and you're looking to have less on your feet because of the heat. Check out these brands and styles for an effortless yet stylish look:
20 Best Summer Vacation Ideas for Blind People
People who can't see must seek out adventures that excite the other four senses. If you have a buddy or family member who is blind this blog is for you. If not, allow this list to get you thinking about how to engage more of your senses during your vacations!
What Makes You Happy? Are You Doing it Today? [VIDEO]
I saw something on facebook that asked people what was the one thing they did when they were young that used to make the hours tick by like seconds and that would make them forget the time, or their homework, or that they were supposed to be home for dinner...
Best Ways to take down a Summer Pool? [VIDEO]
Okay, so this may be the way NOT to do it...I really don't know!
I stopped putting in Chlorine and then drained the pool half at a time...I'll let the air out of the ring on top and I guess just let it dry some and then fold it up and store it...

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