Summer Fun

Cooler Weather Next Week in Tri-Cities!
Just thought I'd let ya know, that next week is looking much cooler and pleasant next week. Peeking ahead to it says Party to Mostly Sunny All next week and High's only in the low to Mid 90's.
Soaring Temps Cause Extreme Fire Danger!
Personally, I love this warm weather! Gives me a great excuse to jump in the river! But with these hot temps is also a very high risk for fire.
Be sure to use caution and adhere to all the rules and regulations with regard to burning and cooking outside in town or in the mountains...
My First Attempt at Sod Cutting! Parts 1 & 2 [VIDEO]
Ever notice what you envision is NEVER as easy as you had thought? Well...I have to admit, this really wasn't very hard. It was however....Not pretty! As I was trying just to figure the darn thing! And, muscle it around.. and engage all the right parts of the cutter to get the job done...

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