Summer Fun

My Quest for an Easy-to-Make Backyard Pond!
I've been working on my 'Cottage Style' Garden for quite some time now, and it's coming along. So, I'm thinking I'd like to add just a small backyard pond. I want to put frogs in it too, and maybe turtles and maybe even a bunny to roam around my garden...
How Cute is This?– New Dwarf Citrus Hybrid Cross Tree!
I bought a new Citrus tree and I think it's so cute. It smells heavenly. It's for outside, but I'll have to put it in a pot and bring it in during winter.
I've never had a citrus tree inside before, I've heard that if you have enough air ventilation and sunshine, you can have…
What I Would Do If I was Mayor!!
The other day in our morning meeting we were all talking about certain things we might do if we were "Mayor"
I know I would want to make Horse Equestrian trails all over, instead of just catering to the hikers, joggers, bikers etc.

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