Summer Fun

Watch These Summer Fun Fails! [VIDEO]
Summer is officially here! You're bound to be a little rusty on your summer fun water sports! So take er  We can't all ski like Paul Drake! Yep he's pretty impressive! (You should see him Hoola Hoop!)  ;)
Watch these 'Fails' some of them are pretty funny.…
A Must Read! Before Camping For Memorial Day Weekend!
We all love a good campfire! Myself included! But, let's face it...I think we all need to give up on the idea that the typical outdoor campfire is even an option anymore! And for good reason!
Far too many brush, forest and wildfires are started by people who mean well but were not able to keep a…
Best Riverfront Walking/Cycling Paths in Tri-Cities! [VIDEO]
There is no denying that we live in such a beautiful place! And the developments and beautification projects over the past few years on our river front and other areas has really helped Tri-Cities stand out!
Walking along the riverfront at Howard Amon today, I had to capture a video to share...
Live Music Reduces Stress!
Everyone feels good when they hear live music! And I think when they DANCE! Music is like Food for the Soul! Or at least I have always thought so! But, now research proves it!
So don't forget to get your tickets for Untapped Music Festival May 13th-14th
Pendleton Whisky Music Fest July 16th …

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