10 Awesomely Geeky Watches
Telling time is something we all do, usually everyday. How you go about telling time is a different matter. Some folks opt for a clock on their cell phone or a simple watch, while other spend thousands of dollars on an expensive Rolex.
For the Ultimate in Lazy How About the Clap-Off Bra?
A San Francisco designer Randy Sarafan has created a bra that can be unsnapped by simply clapping. really a clap-off bra are we seriously this lazy? I get up at 4:30 AM everyday and am pretty tired when I go to bed, but do I need a clap off bra? Here is a video of how it works...
Funny Texts From Dads for Father’s Day
Good ol' dad. You wouldn't exist if not for him. But that's not all that makes dads great. Let's not forget their penchant for terrible jokes. Combine that with technology, and you've got some text treasures on your hands. Here's just a smattering of ridiculous dad text…

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