NASA’s Curiosity Rover Safely Lands on Mars [VIDEO]
Early Monday morning, NASA’s $2.5 billion Curiosity rover safely landed on Mars after eight months of interplanetary travel. The car-sized, one-ton rover now begins a two-year mission of exploration and discovery as it roams the surface of the red planet.
Is This Creepy?
To me, this is creepy. But maybe you think your family will want an exact replica of your head to display after you die. If so, you won't find this creepy at all.
Project Glass by Google Looks Awesome
My son Nick B. Martin  is a Social Media Marketing Specialist (amazing, I know, coming from ME!) He has a blog, which I find interesting because he always has the newest info on the latest gadgets!
See the First Image Ever Uploaded to the Internet
The very first photo uploaded to the internet is making the rounds once again nearly 20 years after earning the distinction. And, no, it’s not a photo of cat, a corgi or even Nicolas Cage. It’s way, way worse than that.
Will a New Product Help Drunks Avoid a DUI Arrest?
Breathalyzer tests have long been the standard for law enforcement officers to determine who’s driving while intoxicated. But they may have met their match in a new product called Breathalyzer Equalizer.
The team that came up with the item will really blow you away.

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