Multnomah Falls Remains Closed [VIDEO]
Giant chunks of basalt are falling off steep cliffs in the area because the moss that held them together has been burned away. Read the full story HERE.
Enjoy the beauty of what was, and will be again one day...
Kennewick PD Reminds You Not to Leave Car Running Unattended
I know it's tempting you windshield is covered in ice and it is freezzzing outside so I think I'll just start my car go back inside finish my coffee and when I return my car with be thawed and ready....NOT SO is actually illegal to leave your vehicle running and unattended...with…
Ease Range Anxiety With New Washington Charging Stations
Range Anxiety.
It's what electric vehicle drivers in Central and Eastern Washington have been feeling as they whiz through the wonders east of the Cascades.
It's not unlike watching your own fuel gauge riding "E" or wondering if the smart phone has enough charge to complete…

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