Gourmet Food to be Served at the 2017 Chefs on Parade
The 2017 Chefs on Parade is coming and yes it is SOLD OUT... Don't worry because you'll have a chance to win a pair EXCLUSIVELY from 98.3 The Key! Meet one of the Chefs and watch him prepare his mouth watering dish...Maple Bacon Gourmet Dog from Doggie Style Gourmet...
Watch a Shark Chomp a Diver’s GoPro Camera [VIDEO]
More power to those who feel the need to be so up-close-and personal among such beasts of the deep.
The diver who posted this video of a shark taking the Go Pro Camera mounted on top of a pole into his mouth, play tug-of-war for four-seconds and then let go, is enough to pretty much keep me from swim…
See My New Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube Mold [VIDEO REVIEW]
My wife bought this "Death Star Ice Cube" mold for me as a surprise, and I love it! You can buy them online on Ebay or Amazon for around $5 each. If you know someone that loves Star Wars, this might be the perfect gift for them.
May the force be with you...

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