Summer’s Last Hurrah! See the World’s Tallest Sandcastle
An amazing feat by a German travel agency.
The attention to detail is truly remarkable and obviously painstaking.
See the profile video of the event and the finished product.
Staff members with the Schauinsland-Reisen travel agency used thousands of tons of sand to build the structure, which stood 54-f…
Best Cordless Leaf & Lawn Blower For the Money! ($63)
My Black & Decker blower is great...cordless and enough power for a regular yard. But when the old school Ni-Cad batteries I had all failed after a few years, it was time to get a nice new Lithium charged blower! The one I refer to in the video that I don't care for and is hard to aim d…
Blame the Seahawks Loss on Me. I Messed Up.
Apparently I made a mistake, so the Seahawks losing to the Packers last Sunday is my fault.
I totally forgot to buy some Tostitos Lucky Bags. If they're not just trying to sell chips and the bag really is lucky, then yep, I messed up. It won't happen again...

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