Wild Windy Weather Winding Through Tri-Cities!
In case you haven't stepped outside today, it's WINDY! Sure that's not news for our neck of the woods, but there is more windy and weird weather headed our way. According to the National Weather Service, the winds will pick up today and tonight up to 22 MPH, and though the wind will d…
‘Yak Crack’ Collapse Imminent According To Experts
Yakima's Rattlesnake Ridge crack continues to grow daily and estimates have the Ridge breaking apart within a few weeks.
The Rattlesnake Ridge crack has caught national coverage with drone video showing the massive crack in the hillside right as you drive into Union Gap...
6 Reasons Freezing Weather is Awesome!
With all the freezing weather we have had, I felt we may need a small reminder of how lucky we are to be surrounded by ice! Here are six reasons why freezing weather is sooooo awesome in the Tri-Cities.

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