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Yakima Power Outages Caused by…Just Rain?
Recently, Yakima has been experiencing power outages and now the cause has been found to be pole fires that are sparked by dust and rain. Technically the power outages are not just Yakima, but also Walla Walla and Grant counties have had problems also according to news reports...
OMG! Pasco Man Steals Backhoe!
You can't say that the life of a Pasco cop isn't fascinating. I've been on a ride-along and you wouldn't believe the day-to-day things they deal with. The craziest of the crazy stories make their Facebook. That means a lot of other crazy stuff doesn't!
The Shining Hotel Really Is Haunted Just Look at the Ghosts!
The 108 year-old Stanley Hotel made famous in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" (known as the Overlook Hotel in the movie) looks like it might really be haunted after all.
Ghosts were caught on camera at the famed Colorado hotel.
An Aurora, Colorado family participated in a spirit tour at the …

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