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IPad 2 VS IPad 3
The reviews are coming in on the new IPad3. Personally it doesn't seem that they are that diffrerent to me but the price is the same...weird watch this video review and you decide!!
Footage of Smokestacks Being Demolished, In a Lovable Way
This is a great video, but a horrible ad campaign: A green energy company in the U.K. wants to convince people that wind turbines are better than those huge smoke stacks you see at energy plants.
But the video they posted on YouTube has the complete opposite effect...
Shipwrecked Costa Concordia Is So Big You Can See It From Space
The Costa Concordia cruise ship crashed into the rocks off the coast of Italy last week and partially sank. To make matters worse, the captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, said he "tripped and fell into a lifeboat."
Just to give you an idea of how big this ship is, check out th…
Airline asks passengers for gas money [VIDEO]
Austria-based carrier Comtel earlier this week told passengers it could not afford to finish a flight between India and Great Britain. Passengers could either be stranded in Vienna, or pony up the cash.
The plane was on its way from Amritsar, India, to Birmingham, England when it made an unplanned st…
A Face Appeared On An Irish Cliff… Is It Jesus Or Gene Simmons?
A face just appeared in the rocks and vegetation on the cliffs of Moher in Ireland. But is it JESUS..or GENE SIMMONS in full KISS makeup?
42 year old Sandra Clifford of San Fransico is the one who spotted the face on the cliff. She was visiting Ireland to reconnect with her Catholic roots...
Are You Ready for the Test?
Ok, the big test is coming up on Wednesday, November 9th, at approximately 11:00 a.m.  The good news?  You don’t have to study for this test…just listen!   98.3 THE KEY will participate in a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System...

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