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Local Trio Performs
It’s easy to support local talent when it’s THIS good!

Bring your blankets and lawn chairs and come enjoy The Frazer Wambeke Trio today, Friday, July 20, at 7p.m.! The concert will be held in Butte Park in Hermiston, Oregon.  Admission is free of charge and is s…
Idol & X-factor Gossip
American Idol is throwing out some names for new  judges that may replace the indecisive Jennifer Lopez. They will  likely add a few judges regardless. Some names that have been mentioned are Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Fergie, Will...
Jumper Makes 393 ft Fall
A base jumper fell 393 feet and survived after his parachute didn't open! He survived because he landed in snow. Otherwise he would have been S.O.L . for sure!
He DID brake his pelvis, both legs, plus a few of his vertebrae.Video was taken in Russia...
Music Sales Revealed
Results are in! Nielsen SoundScan, the company that tracks actual music sales in the U.S. has released music reports. The following reports are on results for the first half of 2012.

The Top 10 bestselling albums for this period were:
1. Ade
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Ice Cream Personality Test
Today I discovered the website! The site lists 7 different ice cream flavors, and what they say about your personality. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate. I think this summary is VERY accurate - dontcha think?!


Chocolate -  Chocolate lovers are lively, creative and …
Must See Social Experiment
Here, a young, normal-looking guy finds out what happens when you stroll up behind someone you don’t know and attempt to hold their hand. Strangers don’t let Strangers hold hands. SUPER FUNNY – MUST SEE!

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