Suzanne Somers has been charming audiences since her 1973 debut in "American Graffiti." After fighting cancer years ago she fell in love with alternative medicine and has published 23 books -- most of which promote healthy diets and lifestyles to stay young, sexy and active.

This month Suzanne returned to American televisions with "The Suzanne Show," a talk show on the Lifetime Network, where she will talk about health, aging, women's issues, cooking, popular culture and everything else that makes life worth living.

In addition to focusing on alternative health, Somers said she wants the show to feel more like an exclusive peek into her private living room than a traditional talk show. She's not interested in hearing actors talk about their latest movies; Suzanne will be inviting her own celebrity friends to come hang out and dish. Don't miss the debuted Wednesday, Sept. 26, at 7 p.m. on Lifetime.

In the meantime, check out Big Jim & Stacy Lee's interview with Suzanne during the Morning Show. Aside from her funny story about the Thigh Master, notice how poor Stacy can't get a word in edgewise? ;-) We've learned from her TV characters that once Suzanne gets going, it's impossible to slow that woman down! I guess it's still true, and is a testament to her healthy lifestyle.