Mike Hvizdo coached basketball at Weston High School in Weston, Connecticut until a crude video he had acted in 10 years prior surfaced. The school felt the video embarrassed them and discredited the coach, so he was fired. Where did the video come from? A private investigator hired by a parent who's child was not played enough by the coach!

Apparently the video showed no nudity, but was "Rated R" in content. The filmmaker, Stephen Moramarco, appears to have pulled the video with the statement:

Weston High School says: "This film is vulgar, contains offensive sexual language, and depicts sexual acts among multiple partners in which [Mike] Hvizdo is a participant," the letter said. "Unfortunately, material posted on the Internet takes on a life of its own, and there is no way to guarantee that this video will not be viewed by our entire community and most importantly, by our student athletes, now and into the future."