Sharon Atchinson is the randomly selected winner of the "Best Mom" contest!

Her mom, Rosie Gleed, will receive flowers and a free portrait photography session.

Even better news, Sharon recently found out she's going to be a grandma and Rosie a great grandma!

Here's Sharon's letter:

"Oh, where to start. My mom came to America from Germany at the age of 17. Young married and with a child. She met my father while he was stationed in Germany. She knew zero English. She was a stay at home mom for a long time. Three children total. With a lot of practice and a lot of laughing at her, we finally taught her enough English so she could at least go to town without one of us to help her get her point across. I remember once she was trying to find potting soil, and asked for "thirt" the man at the store just couldn't find any "thirt" for her garden. Haahaa. Bless her heart for trying. She is as meticulous as they come. A house and yard so clean she is the envy of all who know her. She is now a grandma and will be finding out of Mothers Day that my daughter will be having a baby! Great Grandma to be will be crying =) Even with all of her broken English, she is by far the most popular person I know. This October she will retire with 30 years for the school district!"