Last night I couldn't sleep, and I was laying there watching Grays Anatomy, when my arm started twitching. I've been having lots of muscle twitches lately. Even had some weird Charlie Horses! So, I decided to do some research.

This makes sense to me as I do drink a lot of coffee, I am magnesium deficient and I NEVER get enough sleep! Haha! So I guess this is pretty accurate!

"Causes are also only loosely understood; there are certain behaviors that can trigger fasciculations, including too little sleep, too much exercise, a lack of magnesium, and the use of stimulants (especially caffeine), but no study has been able to concretely pin a cause on fasciculation. These presumed causes are correlations; adjusting your stress, magnesium, caffeine, sleep, and exercise level can help with fasciculations, but that's not evidence of causation."