Seems each week, and sometimes each day...I am re-committing myself to eat healthier.

I always try to lay off the sugar. I don't even eat bread, pasta or rice for the most part.

I try to NOT eat sweets, but that is the one that gets me, so almost daily I am re-committing myself to knock it off!

Well, then I come to work, and "Ice Man" from 97 Rock (our sister station) offers me a homemade Cinnamon Roll that his mother made. I thank him politely and say "No Thank you!". Then he comes in later and asks me a second time. I refuse, thanking him graciously, but sticking to my guns.,

A THIRD time he comes in...but this time he has heated the roll in the microwave for me. drizzled the top with hot running frosting and hands me the roll and the whole tub of frosting if I want more! Ahhhhhhhhhh! At this point it is all over for me! And of course, I give in! It was so good! Oddly however, it spurred a day of bad eating. I finished the night later on with Red vines, chocolate and potato chips! What the heck...I give up! LOL