This morning I read over the air a study that claims to predict your personality based on how you like your eggs. Big Jim thinks he can "hear" what brand of deodorant you use.If you like your eggs:

  • hard boiled - you're more likely to be disorganized... and more likely to end up divorced!
  • poached - you're outgoing
  • omelets - you have self control
  • scrambled - you're skeptical and suspicious
  • fried - means you have high sex drive

The color of your car means:

  • black - low self confidence
  • green - more positive outlook

Your signature means:

  • large = high self esteem, possibly an over-inflated ego and perhaps a poor listener
  • small = low self esteem

All the ladies out there should call into the Morning Show and let me tell you what brand and scent of deodorant you use based on the sound your phone makes while rubbing against your arm pit. 509-545-9803.