It starts about NOW! People start stressing about who's house to eat at, where to go first, who to invite, what food to make etc People in general have a very stressful time around the holidays. And yes, lots of people feel a little crazy or weird during these days. And even can feel a little depressed.

Lots of people are dealing with financial issues because of the poor economy so that also comes into play for travel and food expense etc.

Coordinating everyone to get together is hard as well, especially if you have visitors from out of town. Or if you are expected to travel out of town.

I'm no expert! But, I have to say that most people that I talk with, are dealing with some sort of weird holiday stress!

Kids, In laws, siblings, family dynamic, rivalry etc. all comes into play around the holidays when families get together. So, the best thing you can do is have NO expectations of how any of it should look! Try to relax and roll with the flow... And, allow people to be their own weird self for the holidays!

And don't forget a hug and a smile go a long way!