So this happened:


So far, I've got about 80 responses.
Here's what some said:

  • confront the girl and guy
  • you tell him right away
  • let his girl see you and she will panic on her own
  • take a photo
  • take a photo then send it to friend right in front of them
  • take a photo and then group text it to both of you
  • confront her and tell her to call him before you do
  • act like you didn't see anything, then next time the three of you are together bring up seeing her and let it play out
  • blackmail her for money, then when you get it, tell him anyway!
  • tell me who it is and I'll tell him in front of her
  • Call her up -- obviously she's easy LOL!
  • Ask him if he'd like to know
  • I would not get involved... not my circus, not my monkeys
  • damned if you do damned if you don't

So what did I REALLY do? I texted her about it... and she hasn't responded yet.