I had my hormones checked recently and the doctor said he was amazed by how healthy I was. Apparently I have the hormones of a teenager (in a good way! LOL). BUT, my stress levels are too high. Well, I'm a mom, a grandma, I work full time... I'm a woman! Of course I'm stressed! How appropriate then that I'd have a day like today -- find out what happened:

I had AJ in with me this morning on air while Big Jim is enjoying a break in Southern California. Suddenly, right before an interview about the Menefit Benefit, my computer crashed! We called in the boss, he started calling IT experts... it was a mess! We were able to do the interview and finish the last half hour of The Morning Show but everybody's pulling their hair out!

Sure I get to go to cool concerts and interview celebrities, but being a DJ is stressful work!