I was leaving the house the other day and realized that I I always let my dog know what I'm doing or where I'm going etc.  " I'll be back in a bit, gotta run to the store!" " You can't come, but maybe I will bring you a treat!" This kind of conversation I have with my dog Crystal all the time!  I suppose I treat her like more of a human than a dog, and it seems to work for us. She gets to act like a dog a good part of the time, but plenty of the time, I want her to act human. And she does!

I thought I'd give you an example, because I find it interesting. I think she clues in on certain words I use, like if I say the word "WORK' she knows she won't be able to go.

If I say "Walk" she gets crazy excited! Every time I change clothes, she watches to see if I'm putting on my horse riding clothes (in which case she would be invited to come along,) Or my gym clothes in which she can't.

If I say "You'll have to stay" she immediately drops to the pouting position on the floor and does NOT follow me to the door. When she knows she is coming along, her face literally smiles! And she starts dancing around! She is so funny!

I was trying to give you an example in this video, because I think it's interesting and she is sooo cute! This is Crystal! She is my rescue dog. I've had her since 2008.