When I was little, things were so structured and stiff -- there was no room for creativity. It seems to me that creativity and intuitive thinking are encouraged far more now days then when I was young. Teachers that empower children to think out of the box and think for themselves are worth their weight in gold. My kids had some really great teachers growing up and I think it helped shape them into the wonderfully creative beings they are today!

I'm so thankful for those teachers. That's why I agree so much with Sir Ken Robinson. He's a British education expert who was made famous by his TED Talk "How Schools Kill Creativity." A friend recommended it to me after I shared how I always need to be moving. I hate sitting still. Only when I'm playing a guitar can I sit still, and then I can sit for HOURS!

Watch the video below and see if you agree.

I especially related to the story of the little girl who was labeled with a learning disability because she couldn't sit still and focus. The mom took her to a specialist who studied her and then concluded, "Your daughter doesn't have a learning disability, she's a dancer. Sign her up for a dance school." The girl grew up to be a rich and famous choreographer!