I recently read a survey that was given to parents of school age children.

77% of those parents surveyed said driving their kids to school was THE MOST STRESSFUL event of the day!

I found that funny because even though my kids are older now, I don't remember that being a stressful thing to do. Of course I worked at 4:30am each weekday and my

I reflect back to the episode of Desperate Housewives when" Gabby" was dealing with a difficult "drop off monitor" and there were quite extensive RULES about "how to" drop off your child in the correct area, and you can't let them out till you reach a certain place in the lot etc. Also, I imagine trying to get youngsters out the door in a timely manner and still make it to work on time also plays into it!

Other findings on the survey found:

54% of parents are more likely to honk or swear at other drivers during their school run than at any other time on the road.

80% of parents have lost their temper with their young ones on the drive to school.

80% of parents say their school run in more stressful than work and food shopping.

42% of parents say just the thought of driving their kids to school makes them sick.

So I'm plainly curious...Can you relate to this? How is/was it for you?

What is it that bothers you the most about driving kids to school?