Here is another easy healthy dinner that my boyfriend Tony and I make occasionally. I've been posting these because (As I mentioned in earlier posts) when I began dating him, he was a junk food junkie.   I sorta let my healthy eating habits fall by the way side and we both kinda junked out for over a year and gained 10 lbs!

When we decided to change up how we were eating, Tony did some research and came up with all kinds of interesting combinations of things to eat that were quick, healthy, and  EASY!

Often times we would buy groceries in hopes of cooking healthy but half the stuff would rot in the fridge before we had time to cook them. So all the meals we make are with things that we can buy and store or freeze.

We also try to stay away from anything processed. And the only sodium we use is Sea salt. We also found that using lime on things adds lots of flavor. Mrs Dash salt substitutes are good as well, but seemed to upset Tony's stomach so we've stopped using those. They may be fine for you though!

Anyway, here is just one more thing to eat for dinner, that is healthy, quick and nutritious and will keep you from gorging on junk food! And we each lost over 10 lbs in just one month eating like this.

Oh..and by the way...I ate as much as I wanted and didn't stick to portion sizes. But, I think it's best if you eat small portions and every two hours! And of course it HELPS if you MOVE! Get out and do things that keep you active! Or choose to go to the gym and sweat a little! :)