Today I'm posting an easy, healthy lunch choice, that my boyfriend Tony invented and we eat all the time.

You'll notice in the video I was in a bit of hurry, (story of my life which is one more reason why eating like this, is helpful!)  It's quick, healthy, and easy to make!

Keep in mind..if you make this Bean Salad, to take with you for lunch at work. Take the Balsamic Vinager in a separate container and put it on just before eating.

Note:   I said things in the video I didn't realize I said at the time, like "you may want to stick these in the freezer for a minute to Thaw them out"  and I meant of course the microwave. I also referred to the tuna as no calories, what I meant was it's lean, calories..and healthy for you!

Anyway, watch the vid. See if it helps you. Tony & I lost over 10 lbs in a month eating like this. The trick is to keep your metabolism up by eating small portions every couple of hours.

And of course MOVING is always better than not get out and do things you love that get you active! Go bicycling, horse riding, dancing, etc. Anything you enjoy that gets you moving!

It doesn't have to be a grueling gym routine to get you to drop some weight. If you are not into fitness regularly, then just start by standing instead of sitting, walking when you can. Parking a bit further away from the grocery store etc.  Moving in any way is better than not moving at all!

Instead of sitting on the couch watching a movie, sit on the floor and do "roll ups" during the movie! Or some push ups or stretching exercises.