UPDATE @ 3PM PDT: The Boston Globe indicates that area hospitals have reported approximately 90 people were hurt in the two blasts. News that two more explosive devices were found and either dismantled or destroyed. The JFK Library reportedly was also the site of an explosion. It's undetermined whether they are related. A "person of interest" is in custody at an area hospital.

UPDATE @ 1:30PM PDT: FOX News reports that two more explosive devices have been found in Boston and are being dismantled. Still sketchy on the details but reports have 2 dead and 22 injured in the explosions earlier.

Preliminary reports on FOX News have indicated that two explosions have occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. These reports indicate that as many as several dozen people have been injured with no specifics yet. The explosions happened about 3 hours after the winners crossed the finish line.

Boston Marathon finish line is the sight for several explosions. (401st AFSB)