Okay so if you've been keeping up on the progress of my little adopted filly "Lady Liberty". I showed video of her first trail ride not long ago. It was her 2nd time under saddle.

This is the 3rd time under saddle and the first time we've been solo on the trail with no other horses. That is sometimes difficult even for older horses because they are herd animals and really are fearful of everything. I only walked and trotted her this ride. Even though I have loped her on the trail the last time.

Liberty was a bit resistive at the beginning. She threw a few bucks and rears when she didn't want to move out and away from the horse trailer. But, soon, she got with the program and did pretty well. This was the video from Tues night. It was beautiful out.

I've really grown to love this little filly, she's got a lot of "try" in her and I love that!

Here's a few video's of our ride.