I have been drinking a spinach smoothie nearly every morning for the past several months. And I know it's got to be healthy for me. But I decided to "Google"  just how healthy! I found this site that confirmed that it IS a good, healthy thing to be eating (or drinking in my case). I mix in some frozen berries, a banana and some ice + water. At times, I also add protein powder and guzzle that down when I'm running out the door! It serves to keep me from dying of hunger and I'm getting some nutrition!

I also found another site that talks about the 5 foods you should NEVER eat! I thought the little video they showed was helpful in confirming what I had been thinking. I've been trying to follow the Paleo Diet as best as I can, which is basically just eating fresh, clean foods.

It's hard for me to give up sugar, which is the BIG one! But, I work on it daily and have begun to incorporate hiking, yoga and weight training into my life. So, we shall see how it goes! I've had great energy since I started eating right and exercising again, and it really does help the winter blues. I hope this is encouraging or helpful for anyone else struggling with these types of things lately. ~Faith