My boyfriend Tony & I will be playing for two nights this weekend! And we are breakin' out the Electric Guitars! We've recently  incorporated some DANCE ROCK into our sets for the venues that request that kind of music!

It's a lot of fun! We still play the acoustic numbers as well, Like Colbie Caillat , Pink and Janis Joplin but now we  also play  AC/DC, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones!

We play tonight 8-11pm at Casa Vino on Keene Rd in Richland and Saturday Night 8-11pm at Tony Romas in Gage Blvd in Kennewick!

Casa Vino has the BEST Panini's in town! And Tony Romas...Well, you know the food there is awesome!

We have a blast!  Come join us for some fun if you're up for it! And wear your dance shoes!