I love salads! And, if I don't have time to make one, I like to know I can pick up a good one on the go or stop at an establishment and get a great salad bar.

  • Wendy's has awesome salads! My favorite is their Toasted Strawberry Almond Salad. But, they have quite a few salads to choose from.
  • RF McDougals has an awesome salad, too, called "Harvest Salad" -- it's to die for!
  • My favorite salad bar in Tri-Cities is at Cedars. It's always fresh and you can tell it's MSG free!
  • My coworker said Twigs has their favorite salads -- everything is good and a "half" is plenty!
  • On Twitter I heard great things about Grill on Gage.
  • The salads I've seen other people eat at Anthony's looked delicious.