We found a list of things that happen all the time in movies, but never in real life. So it has absolutely no educational value, but it's interesting.

1. Someone Mysteriously disappears from a street corner when a bus drives by.  Obviously that never happens in real life...unless the bus stopped, sat there for 30 seconds, and picked them up.

2. Hearing a dial tone when someone hangs up on you.  In real life, the line just goes silent. But in the movies, they always add a dial tone so the audience knows what's happening.

3. Hackers only need a few seconds to hack into a computer system.  In reality, it's not a one-step process at at all.  And even the best hackers might need hours or even months to hack into a heavily encrypted system.

4. Instant DNA results.  When police order DNA tests in the movies, they usually get the results a few days later or even sooner.  But in reality, most police departments have a backlog, and it takes months.

5. Making a mad dash to the airport to stop someone from leaving.  Maybe it actually did happen...20 years ago.  But in 2011 it makes no sense, because everyone has a cell phone.

And my favorite...People in movies...especially cops...always talk, argue, and gesticulate all over the place WHILE they're holding a cup of coffee. Because they're actors, and there's nothing in the cup!