I just noticed the "Breaking News Story" and statement released by the WA Interscholastic Activities Association about the basketball game and the apparent flagrant fouls by Connell players.
My boys played basketball all through their high school years.  I definitely thought there were some rough games.
Basketball is for sure a CONTACT sport!  Broken fingers, noses, etc. seemed to be the norm for lots of kids. I think it's just a rough game. But most are not intentional.
Most flagrant fouls were called appropriately but that didn't stop them from happening.
I watched the video and at first didn't see anything worth making a fuss about...but, as the video progresses it gets worse.  You be the judge.  Here is the story from the Tri-city Herald as well as the youtube video

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association released a statement Thursday afternoon about the video of a Highland-Connell basketball game featuring multiple hard fouls.The statement reads:"WIAA statement concerning the Connell-Highland Basketball game that was played on Dec. 22nd: The WIAA is currently working with the two schools, officials and Washington Officials Association on the situation. The WIAA has the utmost concern for the safety of the student-athletes and the welfare of the game."The video shows Connell's Cole Vanderbilt and Kennan VanHollebeke delivering some hard fouls, some of which could be considered flagrant or intentional, according to some school officials.