When the trilogy of "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" came out,  I purchased all three books and read them.

later I watched the Swedish Versions of all the movies with subtitles. I thought they were good. Intense, but good.

There are now English Version movies in theaters and one comment I heard was "I don't know why here in America we have to have things SO GRAPHIC!"

I listened as I heard this woman who is actually a psychologist, talk about the content being overly visible to viewers. She explained that in the Swedish movies, they gave you an idea of what happened, (particularly in the rape scene) but that they didn't show you everything!

She went on to explain that she felt it contributed to the violent fantasies of many abusers in the world, and seeing things portrayed in movies just contributes to a worse society. Not unlike the "Copy Cat" killers or rapists. etc.

I started to see the point. Not that people won't find other ways to see what they want to see...but, I wonder some times why film makers put in such visually graphic violent content ?  Does that really sell more movies?

I usually close my eyes or turn my head or choose NOT to see the movie at all if I think it might be too harsh.

Why would someone WANT to see it?  I'm all for freedom of expression,  but I do think at times film makers cross the line.

It's their right, so I don't complain. Just a topic of discussion I guess. Any Comments one way or another?