Beautiful sunshine  made for a fabulous weekend no matter what ya did!

My boyfriend Tony & I had a crazy busy weekend playing music! On Friday night we played at Casa Vino Winery and then on Sat afternoon we played at a place called Goose Ridge Estate Winery. On Saturday night we played at Rd 68 Applebees!

All three events were a blast and there was a good crowd at each one.  Tony had played at a wedding at Goose Ridge doing his solo flamenco sets before but, I had never played there until Saturday.


I thought it was awesome. What a beautiful place! It's out in Richland off of Dallas Rd. It had a beautiful patio out front and also a Gazebo style patio in back with plenty of lawn space for tables etc.

The view was a 360 degree view of acres and acres of vineyards and grasslands. Inside, they had gift items, a fire place lounging furniture etc. It was very comfortable and beautiful.

I took a few pictures while we were setting up, so be sure to look at the  photo Gallery. And I attached a video of Tony doing a Spanish Version of Hotel California check it out!