The season premier of "Grimm" is Friday at 9 p.m. and we can't wait to see what happens to Claire Coffee's character Adalind Schade. Claire plays a Hexenbiest (evil witch) in an impossible situation.
"I impregnated myself with one of the members of the royal family. I can sell that baby for top dollar and get my powers restored," she explained. "Last night I saw the episode everyone is going to see tomorrow. It kicks off with so much action. It's legitimately, honestly awesome."

We love Claire Coffee's character and some episodes have left it open as to whether we'd ever see her on the show again.
"You and me both!" she said. "The business is the way it is. You just never know. Even if you have a contract, you can always be off. Just a matter of appreciating what you've got when you've got it."

Having grown up in San Francisco, Big Jim asked her about the 49ers.

If there are magic powers in the NFL, the Seahawks are ingesting them. Especially against the 49ers. It's like Kryptonite. It is, that's what it's like... I don't know what it's going to take for us to beat the Seahawks. But it haunts my nightmares."

Big Jim: Sorry for hitting a nerve.

Claire: That's like the biggest nerve there is... the Seahawks. I'm such a nice person most of the time, and the minute you mention the Seahawks or Pete Carroll...

Big Jim: -- or how loud the stadium is.

Claire: Ahhhggg!

Big Jim: Haha, sorry for getting off track.

Claire: We can talk about that all you want. I've been talking about "Grimm" for the last month!

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