The other night, we (Tony & I) went to dinner and then decided to see a movie afterwards.

We apparently didn't time it very well...because when we got to Fairhild Cinnemas in Pasco, there were no more movies playing! Except one and we'd already seen it!

So, we did something I've never done before! We purchased snacks from the snack bar there anyway!

Yes, you heard me right! We figured we'd take the snacks and go home and just watch TV.

Popcorn, and chocolate covered raisins...

When we got home we ate Mint chip ice cream! (Remember we'd already eating Pizza for dinner)

Then, we  followed it up with popcorn and Raisenetts! I think I even indulged in my Rocksalt Dark Chocolate from my night stand as well. We ate all this in bed!

I don't know what got into us!

Did I mention we had PIZZA for dinner right before we headed to the movies??...So it was just flat out a Pig out night!

It was like we were ON A ROLL of bad eating and we couldn't stop there!

We pigged out and we weren't even at the movies!! HORRIBLE right??

You can imagine, I had a good talkin' to myself that next day while my belly was feeling sick and I probably gained 5 lbs!

Do you ever do that? It sure doesn't make a person feel very good! I woke up the next morning thinking

"What in the H E double hocky sticks was I thinkin!!!??? I still can't believe it!!

But, the truth is... about once a month I have this crazy eating frenzy where I all of a sudden, allow myself to eat an over abundance of weird things that are horribly bad for you!

Like Oreo cookies! I'll just go plain crazy sometimes and then feel incredibly awful about it afterwards! I think this must be like what it feels like to be a drug addict or something and fall off the wagon!

Any thoughts on this? Do you ever do this too? Please say YES!

Well, post your reply, you can remain anonymous if you'd like! (teehee) And...thanks for letting me confess to you. I feel a little better because of it!