As a musician and singer in the Ti-Cities for the past 20 years, I have to say there has been one constant supporter of all of us!

Bob Park can usually be found each night of every weekend, going around to the different venues  to hear live music by all of his friends!

He's been a constant support for so many of us! And I think I can honestly speak for about every musician in the Tri-Cities!

We all know him and love him!

To take it one step further, he's even created an event calender that includes all kinds of activities and events going on in the area.

It's called Tri-City Vibe

He works a full time job out in the area but always seems to have the time to visit with all of us and show up to numerous community events, charities and performances!

We love Bob Parks! I think it's awesome that he's created this calender of events website!

Check it out! It's awesome!