When Stacy went on vacation Jim got back at her by interviewing one of the greatest bands of the 1980s -- The Bangles! What are they up to? Glad you asked, because they released a new album called 'Sweetheart of the Sun' and are touring. They've actually been back together since the late 1990s and have been writing, performing and touring off-and-on again when their personal lives allow.

Check out their interview here.

Find out what they did on 'Dancing With The Stars' that they'd never done before.

Learn who made them do a sound check at 3:30 a.m.

Guess what they were not allowed to do in the 1980s that they did three times last decade.

Hear what they called MTV VJ Martha Quinn after being on her show several times.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Observe Jim stick his foot in his mouth, first by reminding them how old they are and then implying they, too, are "snow wimps."

So why couldn't we air it on the morning show? Because it was recorded in the afternoon.

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