This years Hempfest event in Seattle had many people across the nation shaking their heads. Mainly the Seattle Police Department garnered a lot of attention by passing out bags of Doritos Chips with stickers giving you the Do's and Don'ts of I-502 Washington State's law reguarding the recreational use of marijuana.

(Photo From Facebook)

Over all it was a peaceful event as one would expect, however I did find a bust that happened at the event.

The Seattle police arrested a man on Saturday for selling pot-laced Rice Krispy treats during Hempfest. Officers were checking vendor permits when they encountered the $3 treats. They asked the vendor if the treats contained marijuana to which he replied, “A little. Not too much, but a little.'' The man received a $513 ticket. Cops destroyed the treats.

Meanwhile public use of marijuana under Washington’s new law is punishable by a $103 ticket. We'll just call this the learning curve of the new law!