Last we were talking about how truck drivers stare down at women from their cabs in a "pervy" way. I said it was OK because they're doing a tough job for us that is lonesome. If all they ask from us is the permission to stare down, so be it. That got us talking about who else deserves a "perv pass" and here's what you said:
Truck Drivers : 11

First Responders: 11

Little Old Men: 8

Fire Fighters: 7

Military: 5

Police(if they're good): 4

Morning Show Hosts: 4

OB/GYN : 1

The following do not deserve a "perv pass": Roofers, UPS/Fed Ex Drivers, Dog Walkers, Plant Workers, Manure Truck Drivers.

By the way, Stacy said when she was younger she went on a car trip with a girlfriend and the girlfriend told her, "Be sure to flash the truck drivers. It's the nice thing to do." Stacy politely declined, but her friend was "nice" a few times on that trip. SO THAT'S WHY THE TRUCK DRIVERS STARE DOWN IN A PERVY WAY!