Over the President’s Day weekend I saw one of the biggest movies of 2013/2014. It’s nominated for a ton of Oscars and it’s being called the “must see” movie of the winter. Personally, I wouldn’t call it “must see.”

Spoiler Alert: They kill off George Clooney way too early.

I love Science Fiction movies and the special effects on this one were awesome. Sandra Bullock is always awesome and George Clooney is hilarious. In short, the casting for this movie was great.

But even though it had somewhat of a happy ending… it could have been better.

George Clooney saves Sandra Bullock’s character, but then in order to survive, she must let him drift off and die.

To me, maybe because he was so smart and knowledgeable, I think he could have gotten back to the shuttle where she was at. If she’d been able to save him, it would have been a much better movie.

In short, I don’t know if it’s Oscar worthy. Then again, Sci-Fi movies don’t win a lot of Oscars.

It was still highly entertaining.