I have always wanted to made Tortilla soup but never tried it because it wasn't part of my normal flavor scheme in fact I never really tried Tortilla soup but my husband was always talking about it. Wow I was really happy when I spotted this new product Swanson's Mexican Tortilla soup flavor infused broth.

I loosely followed the recipe on the the box but as you know by know I always improvise. This time I used ingredients I had in my pantry, like green chillies instead of jalapeño peppers and I used red beans instead of black I also substituted ground pork for shredded chicken and it turned out great. My picky husband even liked it, and next time I will use chicken because this recipe when followed has only 138 calories per serving.

There are other Swanson broth flavors like Thai Ginger and Chinese Hot and Sour. I will definitely try the other flavors since the Tortilla Soup was so delicious.