The Annual Chili Ride was Sunday March 11th, and we had planned to go. But, when we woke up it was pouring rain and windy so we bagged it and just slept in.

Later in the day though, it seemed to clear some so we trailered out to the Sundowns TC Riding Facility (at the Fairgrounds) in Kennewick and rode there.

We played for awhile in the arena's and then explored the whole facility. It's cool! There is a small indoor arena to ride in too. And of course the big huge race track.

Seems like a fun place, as there were a few people out the braving the cold like we were and it had a nice fun family friendly atmosphere.

Bob & Kim  Lawerence run the place. They offer boarding and training as well.

They have a "Kids Day" coming up in April! And every Friday night, they do what they call "Friday Night Lights" barrel racing!

If you're an equestrian, you may want to check it out. There is a monthly fee to use the place if you don't board there, but it's nice to have an arena to ride in and people around at a place like that if you are training young horses etc.