My oldest son Nick who lives in Seattle, writes a blog about different things. He shared this with me and I found it facinating! And wanted to share it. "Bike the Globe With A Purpose, Soliddream's Adventure"

I would love to think I was capable of such a thing, but I believe after watching the video that I am NOT capable of putting my energy into something like that at least not right now!

I find myself amazed at extraordinary people that can accomplish such feats with a purpose of altruism.

I'm impressed at the dedication and the determination it must take to do such an adventure.

The photography is amazing! My son is a brilliant writer and the video gives quite a glimpse of what it must really feel like to be taking this journey! Check it out! I know we have Bicycle Clubs here in Tri-Cities. I wonder what kinds of adventures they go on. Please share if you know and post your comment or reply below.