A survey asked people in other countries how they could tell if someone was American and not a European or Canadian. The answers will make you laugh out loud!

From a South African: Women on college campuses wearing the same uniform: tiny shorts (or yoga pants if it's cold), ankle socks, trainers, a hoody (usually of a college), hair tied up, back pack and water bottle.

Being surprised by porn in mainstream media

North Face jackets.

Baseball hats

Saying "Ummm" (other countries just say "Uhhh")

From a Canadian: Super friendly and call people "honey," "sweetie" or "darling"

From a Brit: they tip the male bartenders. Others only tip the female bartenders.

Confidence in a group setting

Being surprised by the lack of open container laws in public places

Constantly complaining about Comcast or Verizon even if no one else knows what you're talking about.

White socks (others prefer black socks)

Old people dressed like toddlers

Lacking fashion sense

Basketball shorts in public

Tattoos on an otherwise normal-looking person