I began dating my boyfriend Tony about 19 mos ago and he was the biggest "Junk Food Junkie" I'd ever met.

During our "courting months" we were going out to eat all the time. I began to get real lax with my eating. We both gained about 10 lbs!

The usual norm for Tony was hitting fast food places three times a day. And the norm for me (before Tony) was going half the day on a mocha! Then having a salad and a snack at night and calling it good. I kept weight down like that but it wasn't a very healthy way to eat.

So, Tony did some research and figured out how many grams of protein we each needed to be at our goal weight. How many carbs per meal etc. We got crazy with measurements for awhile and then dumbed it down to just eating healthy, easy to make meals several times a day so you're not hungry and can resist the bad cravings.

So the video I'm posting today is just one meal that we cook occasionally that fills us up and is low cal and tasty. I had to make several clips from my phone. There are four video clips. We came up with a lot of these types of meals that are quick, easy, inexpensive and keep well as not to rot in your fridge if you don't get right to making it.

I lost 10 lbs real easy eating like this and I STILL had my chocolate everyday! Tony lost about 15! I will post more meals in future posts. It might seem "simple" and maybe lame to do something so easy but this is not to teach you how to cook, obviously, but show you what meals are easy enough, tasty enough and inexpensive enough for you to do. These make weight loss so much easier!  Good luck!