I used to live in Richland. Parents there get really upset when you mess with their schools. Because of over-crowding in south Richland elementary schools, the district plans to change the border. I predict the parents will come just short of rioting. Here's what they should do:A new elementary school is under construction in south Richland. The district is proposing some kids going to Jefferson and Tapteal elementaries will have to change schools. More attending White Bluffs and Badger elementaries could be shifted as well.

To avoid angry parents, here's what should be done: make moving voluntary for kids currently enrolled.

That means the shift will be gradual over the next five years.

Many parents will move automatically. Some going to Jefferson would likely prefer Jason Lee. Some being bused to Tapteal might have a shorter ride to Lewis & Clark.

Those that don't want to move shouldn't have to. But worst case scenario is overcrowding would be solved slowly over five years with the problem getting better every year.

This is a situation teachers and parents can live with. Why not?